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What are Stat Trackers?

Stat blocks hanging on a DM screen for everyone in the encounter

Everyone’s stats, at a glance.

With complete stat blocks hanging right on the DM screen for everyone in the encounter, there’s no more flipping back and forth, or clicking on tabs, to find the info you need.

Folded Stat Tacker Cards over a DM screen

Best way to track initiative.

Fold them over the screen in initiative order. Players will see when their turn is coming up, and the DM can smoothly control the action. Tracking multiple monster types, nonplayer characters, familiars, animal companions, and the PCs at the same time is no problem!

Stat Trackers cards displayed

Better than the monster manual.

Stat Trackers are super intuitive and easy to read. Attack modifier in a circle. Main attacks up big and bold. Every stat, attack, defense save, modifier, etc. for over 500 D&D creatures, both official and our own creations! Not to mention they are dry erase friendly.

Stat Tracker Character Trackers being filled out

Never ask for AC again.

Fill out a Character Tracker for each Player Character so the DM has all their vital info, like AC, Spell DC, saving throws, passive perception, skill modifiers, etc. And players see their place in the turn order. Win-win.


DM, the easy way.

Stat Trackers puts every stat you as the DM needs for the monsters, player characters, and npcs in the encounter right in front of you, all at once. Fold and place over your screen in initiative order, and the players can see the turn order while you have all the stats for everyone, in initiative order, without hunting for the right tab on your browser, or flipping through books. DM, the easy way.


Players Characters don't always do what you expect. Respond to unexpected situations with ease with Stat Trackers. The druid changes into a seahorse, or the party goes murder hobo in town, you have it covered with NPC and animal trackers. Need a quick random encounter? Pick a tracker from over 500 D&D monsters animals and npcs we offer to create an incredible encounter on the fly! Or quickly modify an existing creature using dry or wet erase marker and then wipe it clean.

Add monsters to your set

To add monsters to your collection we have created Blank Monster Trackers. Simply fill in the vital stats for any monster not included in our set, be it from a module or a home-brew monster, and add it to your collection. Blank Monster Trackers are uncoated so you can fill them out once with pen or pencil and have them in your collection forever.

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