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Over 40 years and 5 editions of running D&D, I tried every method, trick, app, tool, site, and spreadsheet out there, and created dozens of my own DM aids. My goal, to make the game more fun and easier to run. Stat Trackers is the culmination of this trial and error. A simple, effective, intuitive system to help you run D&D, no matter your style of play, mode of play, or experience level as a DM. - James, Creator


Stat Trackers is a family-run business, dedicated to delivering great customer service and quality products. We only manufacture products that we would be proud to use in our own games, and do!


Our Gaming System, the Stat Trackers cards themselves, can be used no matter how you run your game: in person, on roll 20, with or without miniatures, it does not matter. Stat Trackers will help you stay focused on the action, not be fumbling with books or clicking on tabs. 


In addition to our core gaming system, our Accessories and Magic Trinkets add depth, originality and fun to your game. All our products can be found here in our web store, in your friendly local game shop, on Amazon, and at conventions across the country. 


Last, but definitely not least, a huge shout out to the thousands of Stat Trackers fans and friends who use our products in their games every week! Be sure to stop by our booth at a convention near you to say hello, or tag us using #StatTrackers, we would love to hear from you!


James, Creator / owner

Allie, CEO / owner


Follow us everywhere! @StatTrackersDnD


DM, the easy way.

Stat Trackers puts every stat you as the DM needs for the monsters, player characters, and npcs in the encounter right in front of you, all at once. Fold and place over your screen in initiative order, and the players can see the turn order while you have all the stats for everyone, in initiative order, without hunting for the right tab on your browser, or flipping through books. DM, the easy way.


Players Characters don't always do what you expect. Respond to unexpected situations with ease with Stat Trackers. The druid changes into a seahorse, or the party goes murder hobo in town, you have it covered with NPC and animal trackers. Need a quick random encounter? Pick a tracker from over 500 D&D monsters animals and npcs we offer to create an incredible encounter on the fly! Or quickly modify an existing creature using dry or wet erase marker and then wipe it clean.

Add monsters to your set

To add monsters to your collection we have created Blank Monster Trackers. Simply fill in the vital stats for any monster not included in our set, be it from a module or a home-brew monster, and add it to your collection. Blank Monster Trackers are uncoated so you can fill them out once with pen or pencil and have them in your collection forever.

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