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Stat Tracker Core Set Bundle

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Our limited edition Stat Trackers Core Set Bundle includes all the contents of the original Core Set, PLUS our custom leatherette Giant File Box to store it in, for a 20% discount over buying them separately.


Stat Trackers are the best way for 5th edition DMs to track initiative and have every stat you need for the monsters, player characters, and npcs right at your fingertips.  


The Core Set contents include over 400 Stat Trackers. Just hang any of the 317 pre-printed 5e Monster Trackers, 50 Blank Character Trackers, or 50 Blank Monster Trackers over your DM screen and no more flipping through books or clicking on tabs. Everything you need to run the encounter is right in front of you.


The Giant Stat Tracker File Box include in the bundle holds up to 750 Stat Trackers with plenty of room to search through them! Each file box comes with 20 sturdy plastic alphabetical tabs to help you stay organized too. The simple and classic design looks great on any bookshelf or game collection.



There is NO overlap between the contents of this product and the Friends & Foes Collection. The DM Screen in the photos is sold separately.


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