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Stat Trackers are the best way for 5th edition DMs to track initiative and have every stat you need for the monsters, player characters, and npcs right at your fingertips.  Just hang any of the 317 pre-printed Monster Trackers over your DM screen and no more flipping through books or clicking on tabs. Everything you need to run the encounter is right in front of you.

Stat Tracker Core Set

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Over 400 Creature, NPC, and Player Character stat cards for DnD. Just fold them over the DM screen or prop up on the table for easy reference and tracking initiative. The Core Set has everything you need to run DnD with ease; over 300 official 5th edition Monster and NPC stat cards preprinted on dry erase trackers, plus 50 trackers to fill in your Player Characters’ information, and 50 Blank Monster Trackers to add creatures to your set.



There is NO overlap between the contents of this product and the Friends & Foes Collection. The DM Screen in the photos is sold separately.


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