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‘Shrooms (A DnD accessory)


Who doesn’t love ‘shrooms? You get 3 random, beautiful little magic 'shroom' statuettes in each pack. Compare your ‘shrooms to the decoder included in every box to see what magical effect they have in DnD. Use them in your game, or just try to collect all 31 different kinds, ranging in rarity from Common to Legendary!


Will you get an invisi 'shroom, or a healer 'shroom? Or one that causes you to belch terror-inducing spores after ingested? Or maybe, if you're lucky, a rare or legendary, like a god 'shroom that boosts your stats to god-like proportions!



Choking hazard for children under 3 years of age. ‘Shrooms are not edible. Do not eat. Product intended for 12 years of age and up.


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